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Grace Given Marriage Community Forum:

Community Forum is an opportunity to ask questions and obtain advice from community members. Its primary purpose is to foster inspirational dialogue which to seeks to encourage and uplift those searching for advice or wisdom in difficult or uncertain times. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to share words of encouragement, triumph and hope for others. We aspire to create a safe environment for all community members and ask that our members are diligent in upholding the same level of accountability and standards within our GGM community. GGM Observes a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful, obscene and/or rude comments. Comments not acting in accordance with the guidelines will be deleted and members will be denied access to forum posting.

·       No promoting, selling, advertisements or solicitation of community members. These types of posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be deactivated.

·       GoFundMe accounts and other fundraising accounts are not permitted.

We rely upon our members to cultivate a safe environment respect the integrity of the site, its partners and membership. For issues or assistance please reach out to a page Administrator.

We are whole-heartedly grateful for the engagement and perspective that you bring to the GGM Community Forum! 


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