Our marriage isn’t perfect and you won’t find perfection here. Here you will find the journey of two flawed people, united as one, in an imperfect world, passionately pursuing a perfect God. Here we will share our challenges, triumphs and God-given revelations and resources in hopes that you too will experience the presence of God and His transformational power in your marriage. We are living testaments to God’s redemptive grace in marriage.

We are Derrick & Alicia Byrd. We have been married for nearly a decade. We started Grace Given Marriage as a testament to God’s grace. We are not counselors or therapists, simply two people pursuing God’s will for our marriage and encouraging others to do the same. Marriage is our first ministry and the purpose of it is to reflect the image of God and the love of Christ in our relationship.  Grace Given Marriage was designed to tell the truth about marriage and the God whose image it bears.

Our goal on our journey, is to help you transform your marriage by being intentional about your pursuit of Christ, as well as in your interactions with your spouse. Marriage without intention will never reach its full potential.

We currently live in Central Florida with our three children. Our home church is Frontier Church in Leesburg, FL pastored by Steve Yates. We are grateful for the leadership of this church and it’s teachings that have helped us to uncover the truth about God.

Thank you for visiting our blog. We pray that it blesses you and your family!


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